Lima 130K

The long-standing photographic tradition in Peru covers more than a century of visual production, vouched mainly by its close link with its social function. The coast, together with the Andean region and the amazon forest, has been endlessly represented so that a varied and all-embracing testimony of the Peruvian nation rises before our eyes.

Lima, the capital city, could not escape this close scrutiny, more so in the 70´s, a period stamped by changes so profound that the social structure of Lima was forever redefined. No wonder those years became witness to a drastic change in photographic representation, and Lima became the new centre for the production and development of Peruvian photography.

Forty years have gone by, and the transformation of Lima throbs intensely. The overflowing growth together with imminent social changes, give away to the enduring conflicting relationship between Lima and the Pacific Ocean. This bond shows throughout the years certain contradictions, which thwart any possible dialogue between the two territories. Colonization, migration, inequality, capitalism, environment, violence, public areas, are all chief core topics assumed by our contemporary photographic experience.

From the central urban coastland to the northern and southern boundaries, the photographic image covers 130 k of coastline, aiming at the representation of the various ways in which the town relates to the sea. From there a symbolic revision of the significance of Lima is confronted. The dominant fruitful diversity of our town is then captured by the ample formal extent of photography: documentary, conceptual, digital collage, image motion, and even an approach to photojournalism. All these make up a long-range visual summary, which touches upon the differentiated edges outlining this society. Lima´s wide heterogeneous range of cultures does not allow a unified visual reading; it nevertheless finds a close ally in its diversified photographic tradition. Both city and photography are so overwhelming that they defy comprehension if looked upon from a single place, for both find themselves facing a sea of opportunities.

Exhibition held at Cervantes Institute and Deutsche Bank Gallery (New York)