Artistic process in itself is a recurrent medium in contemporary art. Opening showing it in public and exhibiting it as a work is a visual and spatial exercise where the gallery becomes a type of workshop for the creator. In such a way the creator’s work method is stops being that mystic and private space as it becomes a common and everyday action.

Fragile is a two-person exhibition project that, apart from being regarded as in-line with the aforementioned artistic criteria, conceptually incorporates natural sciences and specifically the animal kingdom as an axis for its development. That universe and its traditional forms of representation, communication and education are also analysed as a public cultural policy.

Young artist Augusto Ballardo proposes a critical look where he demonstrates the meeting between visual arts and natural sciences. Magazines, books, drawings, work materials and museum pieces among others are questioned as cultural objects in a journey where its representation as a traditionally done as a spectacle, is again represented via another means: the exhibition hall.

The photographic catalogue at the National Museum of Natural History created by Solange Adum, apart from coldly documenting the harsh conditions of Peru’s public cultural apparatus, reflects on the forms of exhibition of the study on the animal kingdom. With a keen eye on certain details and leading the observer to perceive complex and desolate scenes, Adum’s photos are fragments of a relation with which she arbitrarily deals.

In fragile, both artists from their respective medium of interest take the representation as an artistic form and a documentation thereby proposing thinking on the conventional modes of observation and of the study of the natural sciences and their apparent obsolescence and its ineffectiveness in man’s ecological culture.

Exhibition held at Alliance Francaise (Lima).