Invisible narrations

One of the more frequently worked ambits of visual arts is its capacity to project symbolism. Casting a look over all its periods, genres and origins, symbolic interpretation has been vital for artists, theorists, critic and curators. Undoubtedly photography is not alien to that dimension and its apparent ability to represent reality establishes different manners of understanding its symbolic power.

Via the medium of photography Galia Pacchioni invites us to go over a common yet private space, usual and intimate, almost frequent and at the same time highly individual. Her invitation submerges us in a world of objects that are photographed with simplicity and austerity where the direct shot in frontal framing demands a concrete and well-aimed gaze. The black and white do not allow for distractions however they deliver a wide range of greys that can be deciphered. But that gaze, that of the artist, that of the public, does not cease to be ambiguous as the symbolic process is generated by means of the fragment of an arbitrary relationship between the photo, the photographed object and the viewer.

In Invisible narrations Pacchioni plays with objective randomness: the randomness of an object selected from ordinariness. The object is filed (sustained) thanks to a photographic, interpretative and conceptual language.

Audacious is the path taken by the photographer who, situated in a photographic contemporaneousness mainly transfixed in urban-social readings, proposes a personal-psychological narration, silent in shapes but with a powerful amount of expressive content. A path that is certainly correct as it give the impression that there is something occult in the story yet wishes to emerge: it is some immaterial that hides in the material of the represented object, something ethereal in the concrete evidence of the photographic image. They are the invisible narrations that offer us a visual experience and invite us to create our own history, a history that is born from the individual but yet can be shared and understood in the collective. The clues are given, now, we are invited to play.

Exhibition held at Colich Gallery (Lima).