Light in solitude

Photography is a traditionally solitary craft. The photographer and the camera in front of the lens. The target may be a crowd of even thousands of people, but the act of photography involves an instant of extreme solitude. The photographer presses the shutter release, the diaphragm opens, and finally the light enters. Light in solitude. Once again, a solitary gesture in the photographic act.

"Light in solitude" is a photographic exhibition that pays homage to solitude in the photographic event. And at the same time, it raises an analogy with the loneliness of the individual in contemporary society, who, despite being immersed in a life format flooded with stimuli, ironically faces a highly individualistic society. In the same vein, the exhibition also focuses on the problems of communication that humanity is currently experiencing. The individual is exposed to endless possibilities of communication, yet we live in an era where isolation predominates, a time of communication crisis.

The images that make up "Luz en soledad" are representations that reveal these qualities: loneliness, isolation and quietness They are scenes that reveal a profound loneliness together with signs that ironically point to infinite presences. All of them are images that document, under an objective and particularly descriptive visual strategy, the everyday life, the day-to-day life of an individual in a city. "Light in Solitude" is thus anchored in a humanist tradition, taking as a reference the Dutch art developed in the 17th century, in which artists left aside religious and historical themes - very much in vogue at the time - to concentrate on the ordinary citizen, on the common human being, on the commonplace. As in the Dutch art of the time - as if it were a `vouyerist´ shot - "Light in Solitude" leads us to everyday, domestic scenes, which, loaded with subtle details, give us valuable information about the time and context in which they were developed. This time is that of an individualistic society, very limited in its possibilities of dialogue and strongly dehumanised. The descriptive character of photography and the solitary impartiality between the two gazes, that of the creator and the spectator, strengthens the artistic condition of creating knowledge by means of images.

Photography as a statement of the ambiguous relationship between the individual and his environment.

Exhibition held at the Lima International Airport.