To create something

Photography never ceases to amaze us. Its infinite expressive capabilities have positioned it - almost 2 decades into the 21st century - as one of the most active and promising visual media. Of course, its digital transformation plays a transcendental role in its most recent and hectic mutation.

The work of Sebastián González also never ceases to surprise us. With a body of work that seeks excellence in technical and formal care, Sebastián proposes 2 parallel lines of work. His most conceptual photography, developed in the studio, displays a language that is close to other artistic media. On the other hand, his focus on the urban landscape, developed through more classical photographic forms, questions the verisimilitude of photographic reality. Primigenia Tool is located on the most conceptual side of his work, proposing a reflection on the most elemental and primary “tool” in the evolutionary process of the human species: the hand.

The hand as a symbolic representation of the turning point of anthropological knowledge and culture - as we know it today - is the catalyst element of the project, which takes us to the limit, because here, the photographer confronts the primal (hand - tool) with the technological vanguard (digital photography - 3D drawing). In each of the 7 pieces exhibited, Sebastián recreates that inseparable link between the hand and the tool, a link that frames the concept of creation, producing artifacts that help us enhance our capabilities. In Herramienta Primigenia Sebastián experiments with photo-sculpture, where each piece is materialized with almost scientific rigor; being undoubtedly influenced by his Biology studies prior to his training as a photographer.

We could suggest that Herramienta Primigenia proposes an analogy between the hand and the tool in relation to the gaze and the camera. Hand and gaze, understood in human nature, and that through an intellectual process make use of a tool to undertake a creative process. Create an object. Create an image. Create knowledge.

Exhibition held at Miraflores Municipality Art Centre.