Every now and again, the unbreakable relation between Lima and the sea must overcome inevitable moments of tension. Highly sensitive periods occur and modify a link that is strengthened before the rowdy gaze of growth and that trigger an entropic relationship between city and ocean. Two territories which, after half a century of nods at modernity, they seek mutual recognition to establish front and mature dialogue.

Limenian Entropy, from photographer Ricardo Yui comes a film that explores with the same head-on approach that tense relationship that feeds on the dramatic landscape transformation processes, whose rapid growth always culminates in a rush towards the sea. The film is dealt with starting from the exercise of the gestural, i.e. the outward action that reaffirms a will.

The project suggests two central concepts: entropy and fragility. The entropy is clearly suggested with the persistent dialogue between man and machine, not only visual but also audio. It insinuates an irreversible transformation, without clarity in the purpose, only just in the gesture of alteration itself and the achievement of actions and gestures. The fragility is discovered by the inability of the landscape to stop the impending change and is represented against the ambiguous perception of remoteness achieved through the tele-object: the distance between the camera and filmed vacillates between the near and distant. The sense of fragility is also in evidence in the subtle alternation between what is real and what performed. Its presence is felt by observing the process of representation of the real and its capacity to transform itself into a mise-en-scene.

In this, his second film, Yui does not forget his role as photographer. On the contrary, the short film is traversed by a clear photographic language. Long sequences and still images are an appropriate setting for the representation of genres such as portrait and landscape. The primarily static camera discovers elements that come into and out of scene, and as such, also becomes tremendously documental in its nature. Geometries and textures are captured in the detail and new frames are revealed in scene before the spontaneous choreography of elements.

Limenian Entropy is thus a process of transformation per se. City and sea are "communicating vases", whose high interdependence triggers an inevitable entropic process. The landscape is seen as a docile subject that is amalgamated with remnants of a parallel landscape where determination is the raw material for an irreversible mutation.

Exhibition held at Alliance Francaise (Lima).

Text published in catalogue of II Photography Biennial of Lima.